Mount Rose Self-catering                guesthouse


About Us 

Mount Rose is a fully self-catering house owned and managed by locals. We want visitors to experience the comfort of home while enjoying the many delights of the village. You can get up at dawn to hike to the peak of Mt Horeb or stay in and snooze until any time you want. There are no demands on your time and nobody bothers you to make the bed! Make your own coffee exactly the way you want and have your meals at the times that suit you. We provide the venue and the facilities!

In summer the garden is filled with flowers and especially roses. 

In winter, if you are lucky, you might get snow!

We have no neighbours to the north side or to the front, so you are very private. But you only have to walk across the street to get to the central town area - your nearest restaurant is literally 2 minutes' walk and a coffee shop about 30 seconds' walk further!


Our management works in the background to ensure that the house is clean and ready before you arrive. All of us are involved in the preparation of the house and garden, as well as cleaning up when you leave. We have only a few hours between the latest checkout time and the earliest arrival time to accomplish this and we ask that you are considerate towards other guests by keeping to those times.

Your reservation confirmation has a telephone number where you can contact us should you have any problems or requests.  Please note that requests for housekeeping must be made at the time of reservation, or at least 2 days before arrival, and will be charged at R150 per day, and does not include fresh linen and towels for stays of less than 3 nights.

Click on the "Contact" above page for further contact information and a map.


Black list

Oh yes we have a black list. 

Some guests behave like hooligans. Maybe they are wonderful people at home and the pinnacle of civilisation at work - we can only judge by what they leave behind. Some obviously think that a servant will come in to clean whereas we always come ourselves, about an hour after guests have checked out.....oh my word, the things that have met our incredulous gaze........

Initially we left the linen for each room on a shelf in the closet - big mistake. Guests take out the clean linen and use it to make beds on the floor for kids (who they somehow forgot to mention in their booking) or their babies, leaving us to scramble for the next guests. We solved that one by locking the clean linen away. 

Some guests are not happy with our furniture arrangements and drag it around, but they never bother to return it to their original places. Not that serious, but it does mean extra effort to be finished in time for the next guests and is just inconsiderate. Better than other guests who break furniture and leave it broken for us to discover, or who decide that our stuff would look better in their own home and remove it.

Can you see 4 green cushions below? And then there were only 3..

We have not yet taken pictures of the state that some people leave the kitchen and lounge in - yes of course we clean up, but really, that does not mean that guests need to leave food, empty bottles and half-full glasses lying all over the place. Basic hygiene is not that difficult. Which brings us to the soiled nappies we find stuffed in the dustbins in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Piiiyuuuu!! and we have to collect it and dispose of it! How much trouble is it to bring a black rubbish bag and put all the baby's excretions in the big black dustbin outside? We do say quite clearly on the websites that we have NO facilities for babies. 

We are pet-friendly because we love animals and we recognise how difficult it is for people who travel with animals to find accommodation that will allow them. Generally most animals are well-behaved and their owners are responsible. But sometimes, they allow the pets to leave urine or worse for us to clean up (see below). Gets your name on the black list.